With Far Cry 5 putting out a gorgeous 4K image on Xbox One X this generation, many have been wondering what consoles will benefit from a crisp Far Cry 6 4K output. 

PlayStation fans may be out of luck for this upcoming release as the small print for Far Cry’s new advertisements reveal that Far Cry 6 4K visuals are only available on Xbox One X and Xbox Series X.

For PlayStation 4 Pro this is no surprise. Ubisoft’s last foray into the open world franchise was limited to 1620p on Sony’s enhanced console. However, with the boosted power of the next-gen PlayStation 5 console, Far Cry 6 4K visuals should’ve been a target.

Far Cry 6’s advertisement does list PlayStation 5 as an available platform for the game when it launches next year making the discrepancy of the console’s lack of 4K visuals on Ubisoft’s upcoming title a glaring issue for the start of next-gen.