Fallout New Vegas 2 acknowledged by Obsidian following Bethesda acquisition

September 21, 2020
Fallout New Vegas 2

Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda Softworks has led many to beg for one eagerly awaited project: Fallout New Vegas 2. 

With Microsoft now owning both the Fallout IP thanks to their recent $7.5 billion splurge on the entirety of Bethesda and original developer Obsidian Entertainment after their acquisition last year, the stars may have aligned for a long-requested sequel.

In response to a fan on Twitter asking about the possibility of a New Vegas 2 following the huge news, Obsidian acknowledged the possibility of a sequel in the studios’ typical beloved snarky tone.

Here’s what they said: “¯\_(?)_/¯”. That’s Obsidian.

Before both acquisitions back in 2018, Obsidian Entertainment revealed that it was doubtful that they would ever work on the Fallout IP again following their falling out with Bethesda after the original’s creation.

Even with both the studio and IP being owned by Microsoft, Obsidian Entertainment is currently very busy. Not only is the studio working on its constantly evolving co-op survival game Grounded but it’s also creating a massive AAA RPG in the form of Avowed.

Whatever happens, Fallout New Vegas 2 or not, all future Obsidian Entertainment and Bethesda projects will be coming to Xbox consoles, PC and Android through Xbox Cloud Gaming. That’s because all games will be coming to Xbox Game Pass on launch.

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