Facebook Messenger is now available for Windows 10 Mobile


Recently, we reported that Facebook will be bringing its new Messenger app for Windows 10 to Mobile devices soon. Well, it’s finally available and Windows 10 Mobile users can download the new Messenger app from the Store right now. As the new Messenger app is ported from iOS, the app includes almost all the features that are available in the iOS app. This means, the app supports GIFs, stickers, nicknames, and other basic features such as push notifications, groups, live tile support, ability to edit group info and much more.

Here is the full feature list:

  • Get notifications so you never miss a message
  • See when you have messages waiting for you with a live tile
  • Send photos, videos, GIFs and more
  • Bring your conversations to life with stickers
  • Know when people have seen your messages
  • Create groups for the people you message most—name them and set group photos
  • Forward messages or photos to people who weren’t in the conversation
  • Search for people and groups to quickly get back to them

As you can see, the new Messenger app for Windows 10 Mobile includes quite a lot of features which is definitely a good news. Keep in mind that the app is still in beta, and bugs are expected at the moment. If you want to download Messenger on your Windows 10 Mobile, you can get it from the link below.

Messenger (Beta)
Messenger (Beta)
Developer: Meta
Price: Free

Note: The app is still rolling out, so if it isn’t available on your phone at the moment, just check again in a few hours. 

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