Facebook makes it easier to manage your public profiles with two changes

May 14, 2019

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Facebook is making it easier to manage your public profile on its app today.  Today on Twitter, the firm announced the following:

Today, we’re making it easier for people to manage their publicly visible information on Facebook with two updates: (1) we’re bringing back the “View As Public” feature and (2) we’re adding an “Edit Public Details” button directly to profiles.

Facebook had disabled this feature late last year in response to a security flaw that allowed attackers to steal access tokens to almost 50 million users. This flaw was tied to the ‘View As’ feature that allowed users to see how their profile looked either when viewed by the public at large or with the eyes of a specific person. The firm reset the access tokens for over 90 million users in response and disabled all associated features while it investigated the breach.

Today, the firm said:

We have completed our security review and are re-enabling the version of the “View As” feature that lets people see what their profile looks like to people they aren’t friends with on Facebook. This version was unaffected by the security incident and was significantly more popular than “View as Specific Person.

With today’s update, users now have more of an idea of what their public-facing Facebook profile looks like without any nasty security holes lurking in the background — that we know of.

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