Fable 4 suggests no more Albion, completely open world, and more

June 4, 2019
Fable trademark Microsoft intend to use

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Fable 4 has been leaked a lot recently, but that’s just the pre-E3 spirit. But this latest leak suggests a haunting reboot for the series, one without Albion.

A video, which has since been taken down, leaked on Reddit last night, but not before someone jotted down some important information.

Redditor LagSwag1, great name, described what he saw from the leak and placed it in a handy bullet point list. This is what we can expect from the upcoming Fable 4:

  • First/Third Person

  • In Depth character creator

  • Completely Open

  • No guns

  • Can ignore main quest and never become a hero

  • Players can build towns, ties into main quest heavily if you get the bad ending and fail

  • Multiplayer

  • Unreal Engine

According to LagSwag1, the leaked footage said that Fable’s signature location Albion, and Fable 3’s Aurora, have been “reduced to fables”. A mad king rebuilt The Spire and wished for an asteroid to strike the planet, also wishing it would happen again in the far future. What a knob.

YouTube player

According to LagSwag, Fable’s iconic Theresa will appear and time travel will be heavily incorporated into the main story. Also, the Heroes Guild are preserved on another planet accessible through a Demon Door and Jack of Blades makes some form of appearance.

What wasn’t mentioned is whether or not the game was indeed in development at Playground Games, as rumours have always suggested.

Whether or not this is an accurate leak of the upcoming game can’t be said for certain, but it is Leak Season, and Fable is a mainstay Xbox property. If Microsoft is indeed going big for E3 2019, then this would be a great card to pull.

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