The Epic Games Store now accepts five more currencies


30, 2020

Author Ash // in News, Game

The Epic Games Store has crossed off another goal on its roadmap as the storefront now accepts five more currencies, meaning players in certain countries can now shop without having to convert their currency.

The new currencies added consist of CAD, AUD, SEK, DKK, and NOK. For those who aren’t fluent in money related acronyms, those are the Canadian dollar, Australian dollar, Swedish krona, Danish krone, and Norwegian krone.

Support for the new currencies was officially added yesterday, April the 29th. You can check out Epic’s entire roadmap by following the link here.

Some of the upcoming features on Epic’s roadmap include an “algorithmically-driven” trending category to the Epic Store, mod support for games, self-service refunds, achievements, and offline signing-in support.

In related news, you can pick up both Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Crashlands for the low low price of free on the Epic Games Store this week. Both games will be free until May 7th, at 4pm BST.

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