You’ll soon be able to edit messages on WhatsApp’s community announcement groups

August 30, 2023
edit messages on WhatsApp's community announcement groups

If you have ever written something awkward by mistake on WhatsApp’s community announcements groups, you should know that the app will soon let you edit your messages within those groups.

According to the latest WhatsApp beta update, Android users should already experience this feature if they are enlisted in the Beta program. But if not, you shouldn’t worry, as the feature will be available within the next weeks.

To do so, you’ll need to tap on the message you want to edit and select the Edit option. Edit your message and then click on send or save. The message will appear as edited to the other group members.

This feature is very useful, especially when we’re talking about community announcement groups, where every piece of information is important, and it can have serious consequences if it’s false or missing additional info. To be able to edit messages on WhatsApp’s community announcement groups will grant an extra layer of control over your announcements within the group.

So, no more anxiety when sending messages on WhatsApp’s community announcement groups, you can now edit them.

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