Forget the Chrome Dinosaur game, the Edge Surf game is now available when you are offline


28, 2020

Author Surur // in News

Microsoft recently made their Edge Surf game available to all Edge for Windows 10 users in the Dev ring, but Microsoft waited till today to reveal their biggest surprise.

The Edge Surf game will now be offered to browsers when they are unable to connect to the internet, much like the Chrome Dinosaur game is available when that browser is offline.

edge surf game

Users are asked if they want to play a game while you wait, with a prominent Launch Game button.

This is a lot more intuitive than the Chrome Dinosaur game, which requires you to press the spacebar to start, without any prompts.

The Edge Surf is of course also a whole lot better, which will hopefully win Microsoft some converts. It offers time trial, support for other input methods like touch and gamepads, accessibility improvements, high scores, and remastered visuals.

If you do not want to wait till you are offline, you can play the Edge Surf game now by typing Edge://surf into your address bar in the Dev or Canary version of the new Edge browser. Those can be downloaded at Microsoft here.

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