Edge is getting numerous Sidebar features in this final 2022 Dev build release

December 15, 2022
Microsoft Edge

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Aside from having the last Windows 11 Dev build release for December, Microsoft also released the final Dev Channel update to Edge Insiders this month (though necessary minor fixes could still be released in the following weeks). Build 110.0.1556.0 is now live and comes with numerous new features focused on the Sidebar of the browser. As usual, the build also comes with tons of fixes, addressing different issues of the browser in different areas.

Sidebar is the superstar of Dev Build 110.0.1556.0, which got a lot of newly added features and capabilities. To start, the release will now enable the Sidebar to be resized, which is a good thing as it will make the browser more manageable. This will greatly benefit those who often use the Sidebar when multitasking, as it could sometimes consume too much unnecessary space.

The Sidebar will also now get its own mute/unmute menu, which should give users more control over their sounds when using the browser. It could be very helpful, especially when users want individual sound controls for their device system and the Edge browser.

Meanwhile, Microsoft also said it would give Edge support for push notifications in this release. While it sounds good that it adds to the set of new features of Edge, the fact that Microsoft might just use it to introduce more ads and further push its products to its users makes this part rather uninteresting. To recall, in November, the software giant was spotted testing ads on Windows 11 Start menu and the Windows 11 sign-out flyout menu. Is this a continuation of those things? We don’t know, but we are open to the possibility that Microsoft will use this Sidebar push notification feature for the pure benefit of Edge users rather than its own.

Other added improvements include the ability to access Sidebar search in PWAs and some new features in WebView2 and policies in Enterprise. Here is the complete list of these new features alongside the fixes Edge Insiders are getting.

Microsoft Edge Dev Build 110.0.1556.0 new features

Microsoft Edge Dev Build 110.0.1556.0 fixes

Microsoft Edge Dev Build 110.0.1556.0 fixes

Microsoft Edge Dev Build 110.0.1556.0 fixes

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