Microsoft is also testing ads on Windows 11 Start menu

November 9, 2022

Companies will always find all possible ways to deliver ads to you. That’s what Microsoft does as it also wants to promote its products even in Windows 11’s Start menu. (via Windows Central)

This week, Microsoft caught some flak after it was seen putting its service ads on the sign-out flyout of Windows 11. Particularly, it included suggestions to create your own Microsoft account and use the company’s OneDrive service. The sign-out element, however, seems not to be the only area that Microsoft wants to tick. Prior to this, the company also silently rolled out a feature among Insiders involving ads on its latest system’s Start menu. The same Microsoft account and OneDrive suggestions were seen in the test, confirming the company’s determination to push the products to its users. 

As pointed out by Windows Central, it could be traced back to the Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 25227 the company released to the Dev Channel on October 19. In the build announcement, Microsoft mentioned “trying out a small change to the Start menu where some Insiders will see badging on their user profile notifying them that certain actions need to be taken.”

The description of the change was undeniably vague, covering up the real feature the company was trying to inject into the test. And with this intent finally revealed, the company is facing another wave of criticisms for its desperation to make its products more visible to its users.

The Redmond company is not only promoting OneDrive and Microsoft user account products in the market. It is also in the race to convince its customers to move to the newer Windows 11 system as it keeps experiencing the effects of global economic challenges. According to StatCounter, Windows 10 currently makes up 71.29% of the desktop Windows version market share worldwide, while Windows 11 only has 15.44%. But with Microsoft’s tests threatening to ruin the latest Windows system experience, it’s hard to say how the company will achieve the Windows 11 mass migration it hopes for.

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