EA is finally investigating FIFA Ultimate Team account hacking

January 7, 2022
FIFA Ultimate Team FIFA 22

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EA has announced that they’re finally looking into reports of hacking and account takeovers affecting high-profile FIFA Ultimate Team traders. 

Over the past few days, a number of prominent FIFA Ultimate Team traders have reported being on the receiving end of hacking and account takeover attempts, many of which have been successful in draining thousands of pounds worth of in-game currency from their accounts. 

Reportedly these hacking attempts have been worryingly simple, with would-be hackers merely taking a player’s Gamertag off the in-game FIFA leaderboards and then pretending to be that player to EA’s support chat. 

The would-be hacker then proceeds to claim that they’ve been locked out of their account to EA’s support chat, pestering them for an email address associated with the account and a password reset to ultimately give them access. 

Thankfully EA at least appears to be aware of the issue as in a statement provided to Eurogamer the FIFA publisher stated “we’ve been made aware of recent account takeover attempts and are currently investigating.”

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While this statement won’t provide much immediate comfort to those who have lost thousands of pounds due to these hacking attempts, hopefully, EA’s investigation will rectify the issue before too long. 

In the meantime, it’s definitely a good idea that you follow EA’s steps on how to secure your account, such as via using two-factor authentication.

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