FIFA reportedly wants EA Sports to pay double their usual fees

October 14, 2021
FIFA 22 EA Sports

According to a report from the New York Times, FIFA is asking EA Sports for double their usual fees in order to keep the FIFA name on their games. 

After “at least two years of talks” between EA and the Federation Internationale de Football Association, it appears that things are not going smoothly, as the New York Times reports that negotiations have “hit a wall.” 

According to the report, this is, in part, due to FIFA’s exceptionally pricy demands, asking for “more than $1 billion for each four-year World Cup cycle.” Furthermore, FIFA is also wanting to restrict EA Sports’ ability to “seek new revenue streams,” through ventures such as NFTs, and in-game tournaments. 

While FIFA would usually expect to be in the position of total bargaining power, it appears that EA isn’t having it, as recently we’ve seen the publisher tease the idea of changing the name of their premier footballing franchise, potentially to EA Sports FC.

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EA Sports’ 10-year naming deal with FIFA is due to expire at the end of next year after the Qatar World Cup, and by that time she should hopefully know what’s going on with the future of the franchise, especially since the FIFA games are usually announced in July. 

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