Microsoft Edge’s newest E-tree in Wallet feature will allow you to plant real trees in Kenya

August 28, 2023
E-tree in Wallet feature

The E-tree in Wallet feature will soon be released to Microsoft Edge, as it’s currently in the Beta Channel. This feature is also one of the most interesting features ever released by Microsoft. Why? Because, if you use it, you can actually make a real change in the world.

Let us explain: If you are signed up on Microsoft Edge with a personal Microsoft account, this feature will allow you to grow a virtual seed into a tree with Wallet. And, once it’s grown, a real mangrove will be planted in Kenya, by Microsoft.

This is all part of a campaign for a more sustainable future, and you can actually contribute from the comfort of your own office.

According to Microsoft, administrators can control the availability using theĀ EdgeWalletEtreeEnabled policy, and for now, the feature has a controlled rollout in the Beta Channel.

Are you excited about it?


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