Double-height Live Tiles may not make it to the final release of Windows 10 Mobile


17, 2015

We have been posting about  double-height live tiles for more than 2 years now, and it has been gratifying to finally see them become reality in Windows 10 Mobile Technical Preview.

It seems however the feature is far from set in stone, with Gabriel Aul, the head of Microsoft’s Windows Insider program, tweeting that they are still up for discussion, with other Windows 10 Mobile Start screen features.

He tweeted:

We already know that Microsoft is working on having both the new full-screen background and also wallpaper-in-tiles options in W10M, so the situation is clearly still in flux.  There is of course also the long-standing rumours of exploding live tiles and a 3D user interface.

Have our readers who are using the preview come attached to your double-height tiles yet? Let us know below.

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