DoorDash is adding a cheaper subscription tier for students

April 12, 2022
DoorDash DashPass for Students

DoorDash has announced a new cheaper DashPass subscription tier that’s only available to hungry hungry students in the US.

Available for just $4.99 a month the new “DashPass for Students” subscription tier offers a more compelling price point than the usual $9.99 a month subscription and despite the lower cost, DoorDash isn’t skimping on the benefits that you’d usually receive. 

Just as you’d get with the more expensive DashPass subscription that’s available across the United States and Canada, subscribers to DashPass for Students get unlimited $0 delivery fees on eligible orders over the minimum, 5% DoorDash credits back on Pickup orders, and even some exclusive menu items as well as “members-only promos.”

According to DoorDash, DashPass for Students will be available for “all undergraduate and graduate students at accredited colleges and universities in the US,” so hopefully signing up shouldn’t be too much of a hassle. DashPass for Students also boasts that customers can cancel their subscription at any time if they need to with “no contracts” and “no long phone calls,” which is always a benefit. 

In a recent study from Wakefield Research, that was facilitated by DoorDash themselves, it’s claimed that “70% of college students order food from a third party delivery platform app in a typical week, and on average, they order 4 times a week,” so this cheaper DashPass subscription tier could provide a very compelling suite of benefits for food delivery enthusiasts looking to cut costs somewhat.

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