FCC documents reveal Nintendo is working on a new Switch controller

September 16, 2021
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Recently submitted documents to the Federal Communications Commission reveal that Nintendo is planning to make another Switch controller. 

Discovered by Nintendo leaker SamusHunter2 the FCC confidentiality listing specifically cites that the new product is a “Game controller” which has the model name “HAC-043”.

The HAC prefix has previously been used for Switch hardware and peripherals so we know that this new controller is being made for, though Nintendo doesn’t really have anything else to make a controller for right now.

Since this is a confidentiality filing, details about this new controller and understandably pretty sparse, but with this confidentiality period lasting for only 180 days, we’ll know what this mystery controller is by then at least, as Nintendo is likely to make an official announcement sometime before that. 

With so much under wraps, for now, there’s really no telling what this new controller could be. It’s possible that it could be a peripheral for the upcoming Game Boy and Game Boy Color games due to launch onto Switch Online, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

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