The Nintendo Switch won’t be getting a price cut in the US

September 15, 2021
Nintendo Switch

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Talking to Axios reporter Stephen Totilo Nintendo has confirmed that, unlike Europe, the Nintendo Switch won’t be getting a price cut in the United States. 

“The trade price adjustment is for the European region only,” The Nintendo spokesperson told Totilo. “There are no plans to change the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price for any Nintendo Switch model in the U.S.”

Earlier this week, Nintendo adjusted the MSRP of their Nintendo Switch console in European regions and in the UK in order to more accurately reflect exchange rates alongside the upcoming release of the new OLED model, which is due to release on October 8th 2021. 

Even with the price cut, there remains the question of why anyone would purchase the original Switch after the release of the OLED model, as for just £50/$50 more over the base model, you can have an improved touchscreen, stand, and audio. For anyone looking for a cheaper handheld, there’s always the Nintendo Switch lite, which only costs £199/$199.

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As time goes on, it’s still possible that the Nintendo Switch may have its price adjusted but any decision like that will likely be a long way away, as the Switch line of handheld consoles still continue to sell like hotcakes.

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