Disney may already be selling off 20th Century Fox’s gaming division FoxNext.

According to a report by Bloomberg, the mega-corporation is currently planning to sell the studio just five months after acquiring them.

Bloomberg’s report states that the decision to axe the studio comes from CEO Robert Iger who wishes to leave the game’s industry behind. The report also claims that other executives, including consumer chief Kevin Mayer, wish to keep the development studio.

FoxNext is a fairly green developer in the industry: founded in 2017, the studio has been exclusively delegated to work on free mobile titles. While the studio is supposedly working on an Alien MMO, Disney’s family-friendly push does throw that possibility up in the air.

FoxNext’s currently released titles are doing fairly well. Their most recent project, Marvel Strike Force, earned a whopping $150 million in its first year. With so many Marvel free-to-play games, that income is commendable.

Disney’s modern history with video games hasn’t been as successful as they’d like. With the failures of the toys-to-life title Disney Infinity and the closure of Club Penguin, Disney has heavily distanced itself from video games despite the amazing potential the company has in that industry.

Instead of developing games in-house, Disney instead relies on licensing out their IPs. “We’ve just decided that the best place for us to be in that space is licensing and not publishing,” CEO Robert Iger said during a February conference call.

The future of FoxNext appears grim.