Disney Infinity’s Studio Gobo partners with Microsoft for unannounced project

Studio Gobo are known for their work on Disney Infinity 2.0’s Guardians of the Galaxy Playset, Disney Infinity 3.0’s Rise against the Empire Playset, Disney Infinity 3.5’s Moana Playset and F1 2012. However, after Disney Infinity was discounted, what did the developers do. Well, it looks like they partnered with Microsoft for an unannounced project. While it’s unclear what gamers can expect out of this collaboration, many alleged insiders are speculating that Microsoft will unveil Disney Infinity-like toys at E3 2017. All we know for sure is that the two parties are working together. It may be a standard new game from what we know.

Nintendo’s amiibo toys are incredibly popular so there’s definitely a market for such products. However, as demonstrated by the demise of Disney Infinity, gamers can be finicky when it comes to such items. Hopefully Microsoft will offer an engaging game as well as amazing toys which will appeal to a broad audience. Hopefully we’ll know more about what Microsoft and Studio Gobo are working on at E3 2017.

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