Discord AI Art Generator: 7 Best Servers to Use

June 28, 2023

AI tools are used to generate design ideas for things like tattoos, fantasy characters, logos or YouTube banners. With the advancement of those tools, more creative uses arrive, for instance in 3D AI art generation. Whether you’re an average user or an artist  seeking to experiment with generative AI, finding a good Discord AI server will allow you to unleash your creativity to new levels.

Discord AI art generators are used by a large group of users that want to bring their imagination to reality or engage with a community of like-minded people. Besides generating images, those servers help subscribers stay updated with the latest developments in AI technology with the help of the announcements subsection which is constantly filled with the latest news.

In this article, we will look at the best Discord servers for generating AI images.

1. Maze Guru – AI Art, Anime & Social– Best for creating anime characters

Maze Guru - AI Art, Anime & Social

Maze Guru helps you produce lovely digital artwork within seconds. You can quickly convert your ideas into authentic artwork using a text prompt.

You can also change the art style model and utilize text descriptions to translate your imagination into works of art.

If you want to create anime characters, this discord ai art generator helps you generate a personalized anime character using images or text.

The store’s contents will be curated by Maze Guru, featuring historical artwork, artistic movements, and visuals created by contracted artists.

The procedure entails storing the content, producing AI, minting NFTs, and uploading.  CryptoSanguo BTM and NFT users will also benefit from extra free AI production time and a greater range of artistic genres.

2. Midjourney – Best for creating unlimited number of images 

midjourney ai

This Discord AI art generator helps you create an image at no cost. However, you can only create a certain amount of free images.

To produce an unlimited number of images, you will need to make a subscription to the available plans.

If you want to generate images of higher quality, you can upscale them. And when it comes to viewing all the commands, you can use the type /help function.

You may submit an image and provide instructions if you want Midjourney to create an image from it.

Midjourney server has a “discussion” section where users discuss issues and ask questions.

There’s also an “announcement” section where you can catch up on recent updates about the server.

3. Blue Willow – Best free Discord AI art generator

bluewillow discord server

With over 300 million people on its Discord server, Blue Willow is an intriguing server to explore. It is entirely free for users and is supported by user donations.

Joining the Blue Willow Discord server will allow you to submit your prompt and instantly make images.

Blue Willow is mainly used to produce comic book characters, logos, landscapes, visual concepts, digital artwork, and more.

Blue Willow does a fantastic job with digital art and graphics. This program creates photos in under a minute while having a vast user base makes it stand out.

Blue Willow is another remarkable free server that you should unquestionably test.

4. OpenAI DALL.E 2 – Best for efficiency

OpenAI DALL.E 2 discord server

This is a recognized OpenAI group. The DALL-E Discord server is a platform of people whose goal is to promote helpful and beneficial interaction among its members.

You can look through the ‘Help & Tips’ sections to find out how to efficiently get around the DALL-E prompt.

You may peruse other Galleries areas for further ideas and numerous activities in the platform.

There’s a section with the frequently asked questions, where you’ll learn more about what other users are asking. This is also a great opportunity for you to learn more about what the server has to offer.

When you head to the “info” section, there’s additional information about the server’s features. This lets you know how to navigate the server and exploit every feature you like.

5. NOWAI – Best user friendly Discord AI art generator

NOWAI discord server

The NOWAI AI employs a latent diffusion-based diffusion model. It reduces the size of the latent space for photos by 48 times, allowing for quicker and more accurate processing. Users can enter text, images, or both to produce the necessary graphics.

According to the NOWAI website, they began by concentrating on AI-generated graphics but have now added video, AI support, and speech.

And as they develop, they’ll consider how to make all AI developments available to users in the most user-friendly manner.

NOWAI wants to be a leader in web3 and AI image production. There will also be an introduction to features like Deep Fusion, the Photonic Engine, and INPAINTING to the Web App.

Besides generating AI content, holders of tokens will benefit from the platform’s staking, revenue-sharing, and NFT conversion possibilities.

6. OpenArt AI – Best Feaure-rich server

openart ai

OpenArt AI is another discord ai art generator that’s easy to use. You get to use a ‘smart’ CLIP-based search system to browse across millions of AI artworks. You also get to post and submit the artwork that your AI made.

The discord AI art generator also has features like viewing, evaluating, and commenting on the generations of other community members.

Use the Stable Diffusion AI and DALL-E 2 picture-generating models to produce original works of art. Through training, create a specialized model using a unique dataset.

To help you get started with the Discord server, you have to introduce yourself in the “introductions” section!

They’re constantly curious to learn more about you. After that, you can create a unique profile on “roles.”

For the most recent information from the team, be sure to visit -announcements! Select your daily free credits from -daily-free-credits!

7. Lexica – Best for high quality art


Using Stable Diffusion as the foundation, Lexica is a website that generates AI images and has optimized its own picture model. It also serves as a search engine for pictures produced by Stable Diffusion.

You can generate up to 100 AI photos using this server each month without incurring any fees. Eitherway, you can choose to produce up to 1000 pictures every month for $10. produce up to 1000 pictures every month for $10.

The platform allows you to use the Lexica Aperture v2 or v3 model and select an image size of up to 768 x 1152. The Lexica works wonderfully in generating top-quality images.

This Lexica model driven by Stable Diffusion is a great starting point if you wish to try out an AI image generator like Midjourney for free.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve read this guide, you understand the different servers and their features. With the help of Discord servers, you’ll create excellent AI images and get inspiration from other creators’ work.

When choosing the best discord ai art generator to use, get one from the list above that suits your art needs.

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