Devil May Cry will be coming to a Nintendo Console for the first time ever



Capcom is bringing the original Devil May Cry to the Nintendo Switch this summer. Bring on portable DMC!

Announced on the company’s official Twitter, the original DMC title will be the franchise’s first appearance on a Nintendo console. Ever.

While the Devil May Cry HD Collection got re-released on Xbox One, PS4 and PC back in March, it would appear Capcom are going game-by-game for the Nintendo Switch.

Hopefully, Devil May Cry on Switch won’t follow the same road as Capcom’s Resident Evil re-releases. While those games are fairly pricey ports, they haven’t had a full collection on other platforms yet. Since Devil May Cry already has a collection, shouldn’t Switch get that too?

But now that Devil May Cry is present on a Nintendo console, you know what that means. PUT. DANTE. IN. SMASH!

*Ahem.* No price has been announced for DMC on Switch.

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