Developer Submission: Tip Jar – A Tip Calculator… The first of it’s kind!


17, 2016

MSPowerUsers! This is not the first Tip Calculator by any means, but Tip Jar is the first tip calculator that rates your tipping over time while being easy to use and nice looking. Something that will have you using over and over again to make sure that it’s updated.

Other tip calculators aren’t pleasant to the eyes and are the same as all of the others. As I was serving my way through school, I became all too aware about how much everyone truly dislikes tip calculators. I’m trying to change that game and create a new standard… Tip Jar looks to become the household name and go to app for Tip calculators and it starts here as a Windows 10 mobile exclusive!

Here are some features of the app:

  • A Beautiful, simplistic design for a simple and quick solution to tipping.
  • Easy to calculate tip. You get a glimpse of the tip before it calculates the total.
  • Familiar look for the bill summary. Easy to follow as it looks like most typical receipts.
  • The Tip Jar functionality keeps track of your overall tipping percentage from the moment you select your first tip.
  • Tip higher gratuity by holding down the 25% tipping button and tip like a champ.
  • The Tipping Tips center provides very simple and easy to understand tips for figured out what to look for when tipping certain percentages.

Check out Tip Jar: A Tip Calculator today, you won’t be disappointing.

As a Windows Mobile enthusiast, expect more updates to increase the beauty and functionality of the app in the future!



Tip Jar: A Tip Calculator
Tip Jar: A Tip Calculator
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