Developer Submission: Become Rich & Universal Windows Platform hands-on

Hello fellow MS/WP/WM/WMPU fans. After so many WP apps I created in past years, I finally finished my first Universal app. I called it Become Rich, because it contains info which made me successful. I am not professional writer and my English is far from correct, but hopefully it will be fine.

So, the app is a summary of ideas I realized in past 15 stressful years when I was reading 2 related best selling books and launching 1 – 3 projects or “startups” a year (that 1.5 year long period of WP apps programming, daily to 3AM, uh!) When I realized and created first version of this set of rules 3 years ago, I didn’t know where I’ll get: today, my salary is three times higher and I have more time than ever (even as still fresh father!) All I did was that I changed my habits, became a better person and ended up with job I like with amazing salary.

Download to your PC/tablet/phone here:

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

App background

I was at the beginning of my vacation and had that old Acer tablet with me, so I put Windows 10 there, newest Microsofts developer tools, and started to play with it. Then I got that idea: what about sharing my knowledge which helped me with my success story of past 2-3 years? I have nothing to lose, and what’s better – it’s information only Windows users will be able to read. Yes, I am a hobby MS fan, and I found that motivating.


My thoughts about Microsofts UWP

As a hobby programmer, I’ve been creating apps in many environments in past 15 years – and I have to say that Microsofts new Universal Windows Platform is one of the best environments I experienced. I’m talking about JavaScript/HTML path, not C#/XAML one (didn’t try.) As mainly a web developer these days, I just made a static small webpage in about 1 day (with flawless CSS3 transitions/animations!), added 2 in-app purchases of different kind, and spent rest of the 2 weeks with the text. That is just awesome, I had more time to write “how to, according to my experiences, become rich” than with coding. That is not common, and was never the case with WP apps before. Pure fun, extremely good efficiency, good job MS, 10/10.

If you’ve gone through this all, honestly it’s more that I expected. Of course I know that the app name feels like a click-bait internet article, but I was unable to make up any better name. Any tips of some native English speaker appreciated – it looks like the name can still be changed (pretty surprised.)

Thanks WMPU for support and GL MS with Lumia 950!

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