Dev Drive on Beta channel is finally rolling out

August 3, 2023

Have you been longing for Dev Drive on Beta channel? If so, you’re in for some good news. 

Microsoft just launched Windows 11 KB5029359 update (Build 22621.2129 and 22631.2129) for Beta insiders, and, as we’ve spotted in the changelog, the Redmond-based tech giant is finally rolling out Dev Drive on Beta channel. 

If you’re not familiar, Dev Drive is a new storage volume that was released in late May 2023 as part of the Release Preview alongside Dev Home. It is optimized for developer workloads and delivers performance, security, and control by using the Resilient File System (ReFS).

“It has been designed to meet a developer’s needs to host project source code, working folders, and package caches. It is not designed for general consumer workloads such as document libraries, installing packaged applications or non-developer tools,” the announcement reads.

Now, just like how Microsoft is bringing Copilot to the Beta channel, Dev Drive has also arrived for insiders here. To use a Dev Drive, your device must have at least 50GB of free storage space and 8GB of RAM, but we recommend having more RAM for optimal performance. You can set up it through the Settings app or the command line.

Speaking of Windows 11’s KB5029359 update, the Beta channel insiders are also previewing a lot of new features, including voice access when entering passwords, support for JXR files, presence sensing and screen casting improvements, and more.

What are your thoughts on Dev Drive on Beta channel? Let us know in the comments!

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