Microsoft: Windows 11 will support HDR desktop background through JXR files

August 2, 2023
Microsoft Windows 11 HDR background in Windows 11 build

Microsoft today announced the release of Windows 11 Preview Build 23516 to Dev Channel Insiders. In this new Windows 11 build, Microsoft has introduced the support to set HDR images as desktop backgrounds. You will be able to set JXR files as desktop background and if you have a Windows 11 compatible HDR display, the background will render in full HDR.

To try out this feature, please make sure you are running Windows 11 Preview Build 23516 or higher. Second, confirm that the display connected supports HDR. You can confirm this by going to Settings > System > Display and checking the HDR toggle. Once confirmed, download an HDR .JXR file to your Windows 11 PC. You can download sample .JXR files here.

To set HDR .JXR file as your desktop background, right click on Desktop, select “Personalize” and then “Background”. Under “Personalize your background”, select the .JXR file you downloaded.

If you have multi-monitor setup, the desktop background will show as HDR or SDR depending on each display’s capabilities. Microsoft recommends running the?HDR?Calibration app for best picture quality. Also, Microsoft mentioned that there may be some issues with the HDR version of the desktop background not correctly display on some laptops with HDR. Microsoft will fix these issues in the upcoming Windows 11 Insider builds.

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