Update: The Destroy All Humans Remake release date has been revealed by publisher THQ Nordic and it’s coming very soon.

The remake of the 2005 sci-fi parody will be beaming onto store shelves – if they open – on July 28th. Set your phasers to fun and other stuff like that.

Original Story: THQ Nordic’s announcement of a Destroy All Humans remake was almost as surprising as their Spongebob SquarePants Remake announcement.

Revealed through an awesome Ramstein-fuelled CGI trailer, this from-the-ground-up recreation of the classic OG Xbox/PS2 game was certainly lacking from sorely missed gameplay footage.

After a busy E3 2019, multiple outlets got their hands on THQ Nordic‘s upcoming Alien Invasion.  From the footage we’ve seen, it looks to be a great recreation of the original title. While it doesn’t appear to have changed much – if at all – in the gameplay department, it has received a fantastic visual glow-up.

Compared to the archaic-but-amiable look of the original, Destroy All Humans Remake looks remarkably modern. Grass is thick, lighting is gorgeous; the entire game looks like a CGI movie.

For more news on Destroy All Humans, check out this article about the original game’s backward compatibility.