Dell’s revolutionary Canvas 27 display now available for order

At CES earlier this year, Dell revealed the new Canvas 27, a new category of smart workspace technology focused on content developers and designers. Canvas 27 is a 27-inch QHD smart workspace that can be used at an angle or flat on a desk. Unlike Microsoft’s Surface Studio, it is not a All-in-One PC. It is just a touch screen display with 20 points of touch recognition that pairs with any Windows 10 laptop, desktop or all-in-one, giving you more screen real estate to express your ideas.

The display is an Adobe RGB LCD panel is directly bonded to anti-glare Corning Gorilla Glass, eliminating the lag between pen and screen. And it supports Active Digital Pen with additional pen tips that simulate different resistances. Similar to the Surface Dial, Dell Canvas supports an accessory called Totem. The screen recognizes a pattern of touchpoints on the bottom of the totem, enabling menus to quickly appear for easy selection. It also comes with custom software to improve your workflow when using this device.

  • Greater accessibility: Organize your applications and content with Fences for Dell Canvas by Stardock. All of your shortcuts, files and folders are easy to access on your workspace.
  • Agile interactions: Dell Canvas Palettes display common Windows 10 shortcuts and let you input your own, so you can access them with one touch.
  • The best use of space: The Dell Canvas Layout places software in the center of your workspace, leaving room on either side for more applications and content. And it lets you move projects between horizontal and vertical displays.

You can order it here from Dell for $1,799.

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