Dell’s Canvas 27 is the company’s take on the Surface Studio

Dell today unveiled its take on Microsoft’s Surface Studio, and it’s probably not what you expected it to be. Dell is taking on the Surface Studio with a 27-inch interactive pen and touch display, called the Canvas 27. The Dell Canvas 27 is a very interesting device, as you will have to connect it to a PC to be able to use it.

Let’s talk about the display itself first: Dell is including a QHD 27-inch IPS panel which means you’ll get a resolution of 2560×1440 pixels. More importantly, it’s a 100% Adobe RGB panel which, to put it simply, will look really stunning. The display also comes with anti-glare Corning Gorilla Glass for better durability. The display also includes 20 touch-points, in case you’re wondering.

The Canvas 27 also includes a stand which lets you use the display at a 10° angle with the stand’s legs and at a 1.5° angle without the legs. This is similar to the Surface Studio that allows users to use the device’s display at a 20° angle.

Moreover, the Canvas 27 comes with some accessories known as “totems”. These totems are quite similar to Microsoft’s Surface Dial which makes interactive with the display much easier. For example, there’s a dial totem that offers the same functionality as the Surface Studio by giving users easy access to functions based on the app that’s running right now.

As for the ports, the Dell Canvas 27 doesn’t disappoint at all: there’s one Mini-HDMI port, one Mini-DisplayPort, one USB Type-C port, one headphone jack, and two USB Type-A 3.0 ports.

The device will be available from 30th March for $2000.

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