Dell not out of the smartphone game yet, to release new handsets in USA, elsewhere

PCMag reports that Dell has denied it is out of the smartphone game.

The company has withdrawn its Windows Phone Dell Venue Pro and Android Dell Venue from the market recently, prompting comments that it has given up its mobile ambitions.

Reports that Dell has exited the smartphone market in the U.S. are "not true," Dell spokeswoman Ellen Murphy told PCMag.

Dell said it recently launched a smartphone with Baidu in China in 2011, said Murphy and  plans to launch more phones in China and Japan, the United States, and other countries later this year, she said.

Meanwhile, Dell executives have also said that they plan to release a wide range of products around Windows 8, which will most likely include a tablet offering. "There’s a pretty strong appetite for a Windows tablet in enterprise, with the security and compatibility that customers kind of expect," chief executive Michael Dell said in February.

The close cooperation with Microsoft suggests at least some of the new products will be Windows Phones.

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