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November 24, 2014
WP App Review: Deep Mix Moscow Radio (

If you already listen to Deep Mix, or if you’re looking for some background techno instrumental music to listen to while working, Deep Mix Moscow Radio 8.1 might be the FREE app for you.

The app lets you listen to the music from Deep Mix, which can also be browsed from their website at

With the app, you can listen to the live “on air” music, or you can browse through the “selected” music and play songs on-demand. There’s no advertisements in the music, and no advertisements in the app – it’s completely free. You can even download the “selected” songs so that you can listen offline.

There are a few negatives with the app. The interface can be slightly confusing. Using the word “selected” for the list of songs you can play on-demand doesn’t make any sense (though that’s the word the website uses too). And switching back to the “on air” song is done by returning to the now playing screen and tapping “back to on air”. The interface would be better if there was simply a “music” page, with “on air” at the top and on-demand songs listed below.

It also would be nice if the app had a search feature, so you could search through the long list of “selected” songs.

QRCodeBut overall, Deep Mix Moscow Radio 8.1 does basically everything you would expect, and is completely free!

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