A patent for a dedicated PlayStation AI assistant has been filed by hardware manufacturer Sony.

Dubbed PlayStation Assist, the Sony patent details an in-depth virtual assistant that would be used to help gamers.

PlayStation Assist‘s purpose is to help players navigate increasingly more complex worlds as games technologies continue to evolve.

“Video games may become more expansive and include millions and even trillions of available options available to users,” the patent reads. “As such, a user could not possibly even try each of those available options… In other cases, a user may reach a point in a video game that is seemingly impossible to navigate through or solve.”

The system will read the situation that the player is in and inform the player accordingly.

Assist “relate[s] to providing gaming assistance in response to a player’s query relating to a gaming application, wherein the response is provided to a device of a player that may or may not be displaying the game play of the user.” In layman’s terms, the dedicated PlayStation AI assistant will smartly attempt to guide players through difficult situations.

One intriguing section of the patent’s description explains that the AI feature could be used to help players through difficult bosses in God of War. The patent explains that the system could be used to send a “sequence of controller inputs [that] may be provided through an instructional video.”

PlayStation Assist will probably be utilised within the next-gen PlayStation 5 system.