Death Stranding multiplayer will be available for everyone, including gamers without a PlayStation Plus subscription.

While the title’s exact multiplayer features are still kept vague by director Hideo Kojima, it’s nice that players don’t need to pay extra to experience them. Instead, the game’s numerous asynchronous multiplayer features will be accessible for all.

What we do know is that Death Standing does have online functionality embedded into its core. Unveiled properly at this year’s Tokyo Game Show, players will be able to help your character through the world by leaving objects behind.

Whether that’s by placing down a ladder or rope to help traversal or just by leaving items for other players, Death Stranding is a collaborative effort. Let’s just hope there’s no collaborative peeing… Oh wait, there kinda is.

The lack of PlayStation Plus necessities for the Kojima title was first noticed by website mp1st. Spotted on the box for the game’s okay-looking Limited Edition console, the packaging states that “Paid for Playstation plus subscriptoin required for online multiplayer sold separately. Death Stranding does not require PlayStation  plus subscription.”