Free Dead by Daylight Mobile has released for Android and iOS

April 17, 2020
Dead by Daylight Mobile

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A free Dead by Daylight Mobile port has just released for Android and iOS. 

The 2019 asymmetric 4v1 survival horror title has seen an impressive conversion from its PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 counterparts to fit on mobile devices.

With scaled down graphics and a new suite of touchscreen controls, Dead by Daylight Mobile brings the game’s unique multiplayer experience alongside some of its licensed DLC.

Dead by Daylight™ is an asymmetrical 4 vs 1 multiplayer horror game in which one crazed killer hunts down four friends through a terrifying nightmare. Players take on the roles of both killer and survivor in a deadly game of hide and seek. Dead by Daylight is available on PC, console and now free on mobile.

Whether you wish to slash survivors as Michael Myers from Halloween, the Demogorgon from Stranger Things, or even Ghostface from the horror-satire franchise Scream or survive as Halloween’s Laurie Strode or SAW’s David Tapp, Dead by Daylight Mobile has a library of iconic horror characters to play as and/or get murdered by.

If you wish to download the mobile version of this horror multiplayer game, click here for the Android version or click here for the iOS version.

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