Darksiders 3’s sales numbers are much lower than expected

December 3, 2018

The third entry in the Darksiders franchise isn’t selling very well according to UK sales charts.

Darksiders 3 entered the UK physical sales chart in 32nd place – an awful starting place for a new video game.

As one of two games acting as new releases over the past week, Darksiders 3’s only competitor is Farming Simulator 2019. The slow-paced farming game destroyed Darksiders in sales with its physical sales coming in at four times that of the hack-and-slash soulslike.

Darksiders III - Release Trailer

It’s a shame really as we really enjoyed our time with Darksiders 3, despite numerous horrendous technical issues. Farming Simulator, of course, is no slouch either and is a great addition to the series.

Source: Eurogamers

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