Dark Souls is being remastered for Xbox One, will be Xbox One X enhanced

Update: Dark Souls Remastered is confirmed to be Xbox One X enhanced and will support 4K resolution.

Original: Ahead of a Nintendo Direct today, reports have surfaced that Dark Souls is being remastered for current generation consoles.

According to Kotaku, multiple sources, both in development and retail, have revealed that a Nintendo Direct Mini will unveil Dark Souls Remastered, which will close out the show. Though only a Nintendo Switch version will be revealed at the time, Kotaku states that it will be announced for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC a few hours later.

The ports for Xbox One, PS4, and PC are being handled by a separate company from the Switch port. They are rumored to feature upscaled textures, rebuilt lighting, and SFX based on Dark Souls 3. Multiplayer has apparently also been expanded to support six concurrent players.

It was revealed during the Nintendo Direct Mini that it is coming to Switch on May 25, 2018. Kotaku reports that it will launch in May on all platforms, so it’s likely coming to Xbox One on the same day. It first released in 2011 on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC as a spiritual successor to Demon’s Souls.