Dark Browser could increase your battery life!

Dark Browser is an extremely light-weight web browser designed to those on devices with AMOLED displays suffering from the predominantly white web pages that are the norm on the World Wide Web of today. Now as you should already know, an AMOLED display consumes almost no power when displaying a black pixel because the pixel is completely turned of whereas to display a white pixel draws a very large amount of current because all the sub-pixels need to be at maximum brightness (relative to the overall screen brightness of course).

To solve this problem Dark Browser applies some processing to all loaded web pages in an attempt to make their backgrounds black and their text white or yellow. This is unfortunately only on the HTML elements of the page, things like images are not converted and therefore some web pages (very few) appear to not be affected at all. Techniques that involve inverting every single pixel exist and were tested but were unfortunately found to be of far too low performance, as in produced stuttering.

Luckily though the darkening effect works on most web pages and should help prolong battery life whilst browsing. It might help for reading in the dark but things do go white from time to time and can result in eye damage, so using this browser for that purpose is entirely at own risk. This is also a very basic browser (as in no tabs, no history etc.) and should therefore only be used to supplement your main browser instead of replacing it.

For more info visit bananna3d.com.

Recap of the major things to note:qrdb

  • Makes the background of most web pages black
  • Can have a positive effect on battery life whilst browsing
  • Supports all 3 tile sizes (not live)
  • Supports landscape orientation
  • Can search with Google
  • Does not support tabs
  • Does not have history
  • Using it in the dark is at own risk
  • Only costs $1

Store link: www.windowsphone.com