DALL-E 3 in ChatGPT could be better than Bing Image Creator — and you’re free to commercialize it, too

September 20, 2023

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OpenAI, the tech maker behind the hotly-talked ChatGPT chatbot, announced that they’re rolling out DALL-E 3 in ChatGPT for paid users next month. 

Honestly? It looks more promising than Bing Image Creator, at least in the presented demo.

“DALL-E 3 is built natively on ChatGPT, which lets you use ChatGPT as a brainstorming partner and refiner of your prompts. Just ask ChatGPT what you want to see in anything from a simple sentence to a detailed paragraph,” says OpenAI in a blog post.

But, what makes DALL-E 3 stand out from its predecessor, DALL-E 2, you may ask?

Well, DALL-E 3 is better than DALL-E 2 because it can follow complex instructions and generate images that accurately represent scenes with specific objects and the relationships between them.

In a lengthy X (fka Twitter) thread, OpenAI demonstrates some of the artworks that DALL-E 3 could perform. Here, you’re looking at a glass heart rests on a pedestal in the middle of a sea with the words “Find the universe within you” are inscribed in bold letters across the horizon.

ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise customers will be able to use DALL-E 3 in early October. As with DALL-E 2, you own the images you create with DALL-E 3 and can use them however you like, including reprinting, selling, and merchandising them, although you cannot request images for a public figure by name, like celebrities.

OpenAI is also working on a provenance classifier, an internal tool that lets you identify AI-generated images.

“DALL-E 3 is now in research preview, and will be available to ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise customers in October via the API, and in Labs later this fall,” the announcement reads.


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