Cyberpunk 2077 has reached “satisfactory“ stability



According to CD Projekt joint CEO Adam Kicinski, Cyberpunk 2077 has now reached a “satisfactory level” in terms of stability. 

“We have already achieved a satisfactory level in this regard. We have also been working on the overall efficiency, which we are also quite happy about,” Kicinski said during a conference at the WSE Innovation Day, according to TVN24 with translation provided via Google Translate. 

This doesn’t mean that work on Cyberpunk 2077 is done and dusted however, as Kicinski went on to say that “over time, we will be introducing improvements to the general systems that players are paying attention to,” as well as that they’ll continue to remove bugs and visual glitches as they have been doing. 

This stamp of stability quality comes after Sony finally allowed Cyberpunk 2077 back onto the PlayStation Store after its extended absence after being pulled due to its shocking condition at launch. Microsoft has also recently announced that soon they’ll no longer be issuing refunds for the title, so it appears that Cyberpunk has improved enough to be deemed strictly playable at least. 

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With planned expansions still in development, it’s good to see that Cyberpunk has awarded itself this badge of satisfactory quality so that now CD Projekt can hopefully focus instead on future content, rather than being left patching past mistakes. 

If you want to buy Cyberpunk 2077 for yourself now that it’s strictly “satisfactory” you can purchase it on Xbox, PlayStation, and Steam, with the Steam Summer Sale currently offering Cyberpunk at 33% off.

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