How to customize paragraph options in Word for Web

August 2, 2023

Good news for Word for web users. Microsoft today announced that new paragraph options are now available to all users in Word for the web. These options allow users to customize paragraph options in Word and the way they are paginated.

“Paragraph options have been a beloved feature in Word for Windows for many years,” Microsoft’s software engineer Isabel Bloger and product manager Juliet Daniel say.

That said, first, right-click on the paragraph you wish to modify. Then, from the shortcut menu that appears, select “Paragraph Options.” This will open the Paragraph dialog box. Within this dialog box, navigate to the “Pagination” section, and choose the desired paragraph option or options you want to apply. 

There are three ways to control how your paragraphs are paginated in Word for the Web. You can use the Keep with next option to keep related elements on the same page. You can use the Window/Orphan control option to prevent the first or last line of a paragraph from appearing at the bottom or top of a page. And, you can use the Keep lines together option to ensure that related content, across multiple paragraphs, remains on a single page.

Not too long ago, as spotted in Microsoft 365 Roadmap site, the Redmond-based tech giant is also working to bring a feature that lets you slap Microsoft Stream videos on Word documents and PowerPoint presentations. Sounds neat?

What are your thoughts on Microsoft bringing more settings to let you customize paragraph options in Words? Let us know in the comments!

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