With new cross region BCDR capabilities, Microsoft wants to protect your Cloud PCs against data loss a lot better

September 7, 2023

Microsoft has just announced that it is planning to bring cross region BCDR (business continuity and disaster recovery) capabilities to Windows 365 — a move that’s totally designed to protect your Cloud PCs against data loss/downtime. 

As we’ve spotted from an update entry on the Microsoft 365 Roadmap site under Feature ID 167539, this new feature will allow customers to maintain additional geographically diverse copies of their Cloud PCs, providing greater data resilience in the event of an Azure full region outage.

“We are targeting a private preview by the end of 2023,” the update reads, meaning that it could be generally available in at least December 2023. 

Released earlier this year, the much-anticipated Windows 365 Cloud PC has a price tag starting from $28/user per month up to $162, depending on your configurations.

“With the Windows 365 app, you can go from your desktop straight to your Cloud PC, which provides you with a personalized experience tailored to your settings, profile and work style. It also reduces friction for IT administrators who can enable employees with a single sign-on experience,” Microsoft describes.

Not too long ago, Redmond officials also launched Windows 365 Switch. As you may have suggested from its name, you can easily switch between your Cloud PC and local easily. 

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