How much does it cost to access DALL-E 3 on ChatGPT?

October 20, 2023

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OpenAI, the tech maker behind the top AI assistant tool ChatGPT, has just rolled out the DALL-E 3 to its paid users. The question is, how much does it cost you to access DALL-E 3 on the chatbot, and what can it do?

Speaking in a blog post on Thursday, the company said that the new DALL-E 3 image creation tool has just arrived on ChatGPT’s paid users, specifically those in Plus and Enterprise plans.

It’s deemed as a much better version than its competitor: DALL-E 3 can create images so realistic and unique like no other. 

“Describe your vision, and ChatGPT will bring it to life by providing a selection of visuals for you to refine and iterate upon. You can ask for revisions right in the chat,” says the company in its official announcement. 

How much does a ChatGPT Plus or Enterprise subscription cost, though? Well, for $20 a month, ChatGPT Plus offers the GPT-4 model, increased processing speeds, quicker response times, and priority access to new features.

ChatGPT Enterprise is a custom-priced plan for businesses that need more features and support than what is offered in ChatGPT Plus. For example, ChatGPT Enterprise customers may need access to dedicated APIs or support for larger datasets.

However, there’s a much freer option, like the Bing Image Creator that already supports DALL-E 3. 

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