You can now access DALL-E 3 model for free via Bing Chat and

October 4, 2023

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Over the last weekend, we first reported that Dall-E 3 model is available for free via Microsoft’s Bing Image Creator. Following overwhelming demand, Microsoft yesterday announced the general availability of Dall-E 3 model for everyone within Bing Chat and

How to access Dall-E 3 for free:

  • Visit Bing Chat or
  • In the input text box, just type the text prompt based on which the image should be created and press enter.
  • Your idea will be converted into an image and you can download the image for free.

Right now, there is no waiting list or upfront cost to access Dall-E 3 model via Bing Chat or Bing Image Creator. However, image creation may take more time depending on your account. For existing Microsoft Account users, Microsoft is offering 99 boosts a day. Using boosts, you can create your images faster. Post 99 boosts, image creation can be still done, but it will be slower than usual. For new Microsoft Account users, Microsoft will grant 25 boosted generations for Image Creator.

Compared to the old Dall-E 2 model, Dall-3 will be able to produce more realistic and accurate images with following improvements:

  • Relevance and prompt following: DALL-E 3 follows the user’s prompt with even more precision and reliability than any previous models. For the best results, we recommend providing greater level of detail in the prompt—the more information, the more refined the final image will be.
  • Coherence: DALL-E 3 generates images that are even more photorealistic than other models for a varied set of prompts. The images are not only visually appealing, but also logically consistent with the prompt.
  • Aesthetics: DALL-E 3 generates images that are not only realistic, but also creative and artistic. The images can be uniquely styled with flair that meets your creativity.

All the images that Bing makes have a hidden watermark that follows the C2PA rules. This watermark shows when and where the image was made and says that it was made by AI. Bing also has a system that deletes any bad or wrong images. It won’t be able to create images that show nakedness, fighting, mean words, or bad things.

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