Coship to test the waters for their next Windows Phone on Indiegogo first




Far-eastern ODM Coship is getting ready to ship their next Windows 10 Mobile handset, the Coship Moly X1, in Europe, but the company has been getting increasingly concerned about the health of the Windows Mobile ecosystem, writing on Facebook:

We are a Microsoft Windows phone ODM and have produced a series of Windows 10 mobile smartphones for the markets for the past years. However, as you may know that Microsoft has already stopped the Lumia Windows phone and meanwhile, the Windows phone global market share is shrinking now. Therefore, we are suspecting if we should keep investment on the Windows phone development.
What is your idea? How do you think the experienced Windows phone users are still interested in the Windows phone?

The company has therefore decided rather than investing in a distribution network in Europe to first test the waters with an Indiegogo campaign, writing:

Molypcphone We are going to launch it at the cloudfunding in Oct. Thank you for your attention.

The Coship Moly X is a decidedly mid-range to low-end device, sporting a 5.5 inch 720P screen, Snapdragon 400 processor and 2 GB of RAM (we have reviewed it here already). I suspect, like the much more interesting Nuans Neo handset, which attracted less than 500 buyers on Kickstarter,  this crowd-funding campaign is not likely to attract thousands of buyers, which is not a good signal to send to a company already on the fence.

Coship is suspect to be the ODM behind the much hyped WhartonBrooks Windows 10 Phone , which suggests that if Coship leaves the field more than their company will be affected.

Would our readers support Coship via Indiegogo?

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