Cortana now available as an app in Microsoft Store for Windows 10 users

Cortana beta app is now available for download from Microsoft Store. Microsoft’s digital assistant was baked into Windows 10 OS right from the start. Due to this tight integration, Cortana got major updates only when Windows 10 OS got major updates. It looks like Microsoft has now finally decided to release Cortana as a standalone app in Microsoft Store. This move will allow Microsoft to release updated Cortana app more frequently without worrying about Windows 10 update schedule.

As an intelligent assistant, Cortana will find all kinds of info, give you weather and traffic updates, and help you search the web. But Cortana will also get to know you better all the time. Cortana will help track and find the things you’re passionate about, like your favorite artists or sports teams, to give you better recommendations and updates.

Download the app here from Microsoft Store.

via: aggiornamentilumia

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