Cortana might be an enterprise hit according to a recent survey



A survey conducted last month by Pinbrop suggests that Cortana will be one of the frontrunners in the battle for the voice dominance across the enterprise users.

In the survey, Microsoft came in first place, coming in ahead of competitors like Amazon’s Echo and Apple’s Siri, tying with Google’s Assistant for enterprises which were considering deploying voice assistants in their companies..

Voice assistant technologyVoice assistant enterprise investment in next 2 years
Microsoft Cortana78 percent
Google’s Assistant78 percent
Amazon’s Echo77 percent
IBM’s Watson69 percent
Apple’s Siri68 percent
Samsung’s Bixby62 percent
SAP’s Co-pilot64 percent

Microsoft has been investing in Cortana for enterprises over the past few months, even as they have surrendered the consumer market to Google and Apple. As we can see from the survey, it appears that the strategy has resonated with the target.

Vijay Balasubramaniyan, CEO and Co-founder, Pindrop, said: “The proliferation of voice technologies will continue to put consumers’ security and identity at risk. Currently, fraudsters can easily get around existing authentication methods. As businesses adopt the latest voice technologies for the majority of customer interactions, there will be a parallel need for top-notch security.”

Source: Pindrop via WIndows Latest

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