Cortana is getting smarter scheduling capabilities in the office 


4, 2019

Digital Assistants are working to replace personal assistants, and Microsoft’s Cortana is no exception. The firm plans to have it manage your meetings across your company dynamically with Scheduler.

In essence, Scheduler is a feature that works a lot like a real-life Personal Assistant with their finger on the pulse. Once enabled, users can simply leave Cortana to sort out meeting details in email threads y including the digital assistant in a thread and issuing commands using natural language.

Yup, Cortana’s natural language processing is so advanced Microsoft says you can speak to her like she were a normal person and she would parse and interpret your commands accordingly.

The digital assistant can also scan the calendars of everyone involved and dynamically suggest meeting times based on where everyone’s free. Other participants can also respond to Cortana to indicate availability, and the digital assistant will send out an event invite when its all hashed out.
Microsoft’s Cortana may not be sexy like Siri, but use cases like this do get around solving pain-points anyone who’s ever tried to plan a meeting has experienced.

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