Cortana For iOS Now Available In Japan

Cortana iOS Japan

Following the release of Cortana for iOS in the US, Microsoft has now released Cortana in Japan. It includes all the basic Cortana features like Reminders, Alarms, etc,.


  • Cortana makes sure all that stuff is available wherever you need it. Set a reminder to pick up milk on the way home while you’re on your PC at work, and Cortana will give you the heads up on your iPhone when you’re on the road.
  • If you manage an appointment in Calendar app of Windows 10, Cortana will tell information such as attendees of next of appointments and meetings.
  • Also, if you add your interests on news, weather, stock prices, etc., Cortana will keep you updated.
  • And it’s not only about productivity, Cortana’s always up for a little chit chat. Ask Cortana whatever comes to mind, her answers might surprise you.

With the recent v1.4.5 update, Microsoft has improved notification experience and allows you to set an alarm with your voice in one step using Cortana for iOS. You can download it here from App Store.