Cortana Integration In Project Spartan Browser On Windows 10 Demoed On Video

Windows 10: Cortana Integration in Spartan

“Project Spartan,” the next generation browser was built with greater interoperability, reliability and discoverability, with a new look and feel built just for Windows 10. It will come with advanced features including the ability to annotate by keyboard or pen directly on the webpage and easily share with friends, a reading view that is distraction free, displaying the article in a simplified layout for a great reading experience for Web articles online and offline, and the integration of Cortana for finding and doing things online faster.

With Cortana integrated directly in the browser, you will be able to get things done easily. Cortana integration in Project Spartan browser was demoed in the above video. It shows the following new features,

  • Cortana will prompt that it knows some more info about the website you are visiting. For example, when you visit a hotel website, it will show directions to the hotel, opening time and other things.
  • You can select a word and ask Cortana about it. For example, to know a meaning for a particular word, select a word and say ‘Ask Cortana’ to know more about the word.

Source: WinBeta

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