Cortana for Microsoft Teams rolls out to new regions

by Surur
April 23, 2021
cortana for teams

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While Microsoft is no longer promoting Cortana as a stand-alone voice assistant the company has been working to integrate the client in their office apps.

Today Microsoft announced that Cortana is extending support in Microsoft Teams mobile apps for iOS and Android to additional regions.

Users with their phone region set to Australia, Canada, India, and the United Kingdom and who are using English will now have access to the service. This is in addition to the English support in the US launched in 2020.

Teams users will see the Cortana mic when opening Teams mobile app in iOS or Android and Users can speak to Cortana by clicking on the microphone button located in the upper right of the Teams mobile app.

cortana for teams

They can connect with someone while on the go by making a voice query such as “call Megan” or “send a message to my next meeting.” Users can also join meetings by saying “join my next meeting.” Users can also share files and check their calendar.

The feature will be enabled by default but can be turned off by admins via TeamsCortanaPolicy.

The roll-out of the expansion is expected to be complete in early June. It is not available to users in Education and Government at present.

Microsoft says expansion to additional languages and regions will happen as part of future releases.

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