CorePlayer updated to V1.3.6


16, 2009

While the long promised CorePlayer 2.0 continues to disappear into the distance, CoreCodec has announced the release of another update to Coreplayer, bringing it up to version 1.3.6.  The update brings the following enhancements to its Windows Mobile client:

CorePlayer Platform: Version 1.3.6 build 7427 (20090910):
– FIX: ShoutCast/ICY metadata reading on slow connection (fix async reading of the metadata)
– FIX: Format recognization problems (fix async reading of the probe)
– ADD: Option to keep playback running when leaving fullscreen
– ADD: One click fullscreen function
– ADD: WinCE: Windows Mobile 6.5 icon
– CHG: update to the FLAC 1.2.1 library, supports bitdepths other than 16 bits (96/24)

If the above rocks your boat you can download the update from your reseller (Mobihand is sending out update reminders for example) or purchase a new license from our software store here.

Read more in the CoreCodec forums here.

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